We are honored to invite you to the second meeting of our organization. This time the lecture “Vertical separation of powers. Comparative view” will be conducted by prof. dr hab. Hubert Izdebski.

During the meeting prof. Izdebski will indicate the key concepts of Thomas Jefferson’s idea of vertical separation of powers. This concept, along with the horizontal separation of powers, remains one of the crucial idea that lay under the notion of modern state. Even in unitary states, such as Poland, the self-government should not be treated only as an effect of decentralization, but, accordingly to the subsidiary rule, as a result of vertical separation of powers. These concepts are not only theoretical, but should be perceived in a comparative perspective.

Prof. dr hab. Hubert Izdebski is not only the author of the “Political-legal doctrines” textbook, but also a well-known distinctive person to all who are interested in legal topics. Being both academic and practicing lawyer, he focuses on vast variety of topics, such as legal axiology, theory and philosophy of law, political-legal doctrines, theory of state, regional planning law, self-government and higher education law. He participated in legislation works that concerned the reforms of public administration and remains an author of the first self-governmental act of Capital City Warsaw (1994). He also took part in legislative works on higher education act (1989-1990) and the act on voluntary an public benefit activity (1995-2003). Currently at the SWPS University he conducts the scientific committee responsible for the preparation of new act on higher education (Project: Act 2.0). Professor Hubert Izdebski was a member of Legislative Council and Central Committee for Degrees and Titles. As a practicing lawyer he has legal counsel qualifications. Professor Izdebski was awarded with Knight’s Cross Order of Polonia Restituta, Officer’s Cross Order of Polonia Restituta, and Badge of Honor for Merits for Self-government.

Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/702073956630851/

The lecture will be held on 11th May in room 1.3, Collegium Iuridicum II, Lipowa street 4, at 20 o’clock.