Full of optimism and eager to launch our activity, on behalf of KNKP WPiA UW (Comparative Law Scientific Circle), we are pleased to invite everyone to the first meeting of our organization. The lecture named “Why we need comparative remarks, when talking about the law?” will be conducted by two prominent, well-known guests: prof. dr hab. Ewa Łętowska and dr hab. Ryszard Piotrowski. Their discussion will enable us to understand both theoretical, as well as practical, aspects of comparative method in jurisprudence.

Prof. dr hab. Ewa Łętowska is the first Polish ombudsman, Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Tribunal judge emeritus. Having written many publications concerning civil law, she focused strongly on the consumer protection topics. She is also widely-known from her polycentric legal system theory, as well as from current commentaries on public affairs.

Dr hab. Ryszard Piotrowski, the tutor of KNKP WPiA UW (Comparative Law Scientific Circle), is a constitutionalist who focuses his scientific interests mainly on American and Italian law. Being a longstanding scientific researcher of constitutional law cathedral, he authored many constitutional law publications. In 2016 he won II prize for his habilitation thesis “United States Senate. Structure and functions”. In March 2017 dr hab. Piotrowski was awarded in “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper’s contest “Lawyer of the year” in the category “Lawyer educator”.

Link to the event on Facebookwww.facebook.com/events/1402146263169001

The lecture will be held on 20th April in room 1.3, Collegium Iuridicum II, Lipowa street 4, at 20 o’clock.