After workshops called “How to write a good scientific article?”, Comparative Law Scientific Circle have a pleasure to invite you to the next workshop meeting titled “How to write a good legal opinion?”.

What should be included into a good legal opinion for a client? What kind of language we should use and how to formule a sentence while writing legal opinions? What about schemes and systematics of a good legal opinion? Are there some kinds of elements that are necessary in each legal opinions?

Dr hab. prof. UW Robert Grzeszczak will answer for all of above questions. Professor is a lecturer of European Union Law at University of Warsaw.

Workshops will be based on a case published below. Legal issue is mentioned in this document and during a lecture we will try to resolve the problem by writing a good legal opinion for a client.

The meeting will be held on 1st march 2018 r. in room 1.3, Collegium Iuridicum II, Lipowa street 4, at 20 o’clock.

-> Download a case <-