Nationwide Scientific Conference:
“The participation of citizenry in the administration of justice”

The Scientific Circle of Comparative Law cordially invites you to take part in Nationwide Scientific Conference „The participation of citizenry in the administration of justice”, which will be held on 6-7th of April 2018, in the Ballroom of Tyszkiewicze-Potoccy Palace, 32 Krakowskie Przedmieście street, Warsaw.

Pursuant to the article 182 of Polish constitution the citizenry participates in the administration of justice alongside with professional judges. Forms of that participation can be different, however. Even if the statue provides with the institution of juror, the questions whether the scope of participation of citizenry should be wider remains open.

An discussion on the possibility of introducing the magistrate courts into Polish judiciary system is currently going on. We need to consider whether current forms of participation of citizenry in the administration of justice are sufficient, and this matter is approached in various jurisdictions.

On 6th of April (Friday) several expert panels conducted by prominent representatives of scholars and specialists will be held. The details on the invited guests will be presented soon.

Student panels are scheduled for 7th April (Saturday). We invite you to engage as an active participant or as an auditor.

Proposed topics for active participants:
1. Participation of citizenry in the administration of justice in contemporary democratic countries.
2. Are the existing forms of participation satisfactory?
3. Public opinion on the administration of justice
4. Should we introduce the office of magistrate and if so, in what form?
5. Advantages and disadvantages of magistrate courts in democratic countries.

If you are interested in active participation please fill the application form and enclose an abstract of proposed presentation.

The application form should be sent before 25th March 2018.

Link to the application form:

We will inform you on the results of your application before 28th March 2018. The abstract will be assessed by a committee of our academic tutor, a scholar and two students.

There is an application fee of PLN 50. The details of payment will be presented once your application is accepted by the committee. We would like to provide all the active participants with two-course meal, coffee and refreshments, minor souvenirs, certificate of attendance and identifier. An invoice may be issued on your request.

We invite all accepted active participants to take part in the expert panel on Friday. The reception for all participants is planned after the panel and more information on that matter later is to be revealed later.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via Facebook or e-mail

See you at the conference!